Kestrel's Research Division

by Chief research directorFeb 3rd, 2020

Kestrel Information Security actively supports in cybersecurity research and tool development. 

We currently have developed and undegoing final testing of the following toolsets before public release:

  • Kestrel's Forensics Response USB/CD/DVD and Virtual Machine formats
  • Kestrel's Security Testing Tools USB/CD/DVD and Virtual Machine formats
  • Kestrel's Crytography Workbench - Network Based Appliance with Attached Storage and GPU clusters
  • Kestrel's Distributed Operations - Network Based Security Applicances with Specialized Modules (Vulnerability Management, Data Leakage Analysis, Malware Detection/Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Preventation, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Web-Filter) 


We also sponsor and provide support for community driven project we feel will benefit society. If you have a project or idea, we'd love to get involved!

Aplomado Toolkit™

"An open-community, open-source project - Always open, always free!"

  • "Customized linux, loaded with tools that are validated for correct operation and configuration upon build."
  • "A new tool called Aplomado Hunter™ which blends heuristics, fuzzy logic, machine-learning, and direct behavioral observation to discover and report network-based "internet of things" devices and systems."
  • "Hours of free, online educational material."
  • "An open blog for the community to share."